Summer is a lovely season: vacations, beach, and sunny weather. Yet, we have to pay a price for enjoying all the gifts summer gives us — and that is the heat. It can be so unbearable that it might seem like there’s no escape from the scorching sun and stifling air, even at night! Luckily, we’re human, and we can adapt to almost anything.

1. Make buckwheat pillows.

These pillows have multiple benefits — from reduced snoring to migraine relief. Yet, their best advantage is that they’re breathable, so your body heat quickly escapes the pillow. You can buy them or make your own: grind buckwheat, sift the hulls, and fill your pillowcase with clean buckwheat.

2. Put aloe vera in your bedroom.

This plant is perfect when it comes to cooling down your room. Its leaves have high water content, which means it evaporates moisture into the air through transpiration. Besides, aloe vera loves being in the sun (provided you water it regularly), so it’s a win-win!

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