Brand-new shoes can be a treat. There is nothing like that perfect opportunity to take them out of their box and wear them to a fantastic event. But sometimes, that beautiful moment gets ruined, and what seemed an ideal shoe turns out to be almost as uncomfortable as walking barefoot on a cobblestone road.

1. Prevent your foot from slipping by wearing a band aid.

When you buy a new pair of shoes, the few minutes you get in the store to try them are sometimes not enough to know if they’ll have a slippery insole. If this happens to you, stick a band-aid on the insole. This way, the rough surface of the band-aid will help keep your foot from slipping.

2. Stretch your shoes with a peeled potato.

11 Ways to Turn Uncomfortable Shoes Into a Cloud for Your Feet

If you try this trick, you may not have to say goodbye to tight shoes. Just peel a potato and put it in your shoe overnight. If necessary, you can shape it to fit the toe of the shoe.

The moisture from the potato will help the shoe get a little bigger. In the morning, don’t forget to wipe off any residue.

3. Apply nail polish on sandals that rub against your toes.

11 Ways to Turn Uncomfortable Shoes Into a Cloud for Your Feet

A simple way to avoid blisters caused by friction between flip-flops and skin is to apply a little clear polish to the areas where you feel it rubbing.

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