Sometimes, we are so used to doing a certain action that our mind does it automatically as if we were on autopilot. And we rarely stop to think about these everyday things. Most of us, brush our teeth as soon as we finish a meal. However, you will probably be surprised to know that you are not doing your oral health a favor when you do this. But, don’t worry — life is much simpler than you think.

1. Eat a cupcake like a pro.

To avoid getting all the frosting on your nose, the right way to eat a cupcake is to cut it in a half. Place the bottom at the top and eat it like a sandwich.

2. There’s a proper way to carry your daily cup of coffee.

13 Everyday Actions We Think We’re Doing Right, but We’re Not

The most common way to hold a coffee cup is by the handle. But by holding the cup in this way, there is a higher chance that it will spill on your clothes when walking. To avoid this, the best way to hold a coffee mug is to grab it from above with your fingers.

3. Use dental floss to cut a cake and keep the frosting intact.

13 Everyday Actions We Think We’re Doing Right, but We’re Not

Floss may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cutting a cake. However, using it as a replacement for a knife is a great idea when you want to get perfect slices and not ruin the frosting on the cake.

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