When a British journalist visited Dubai for a press trip, he stayed in the luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab. By the end of his stay, he realized that his sojourn didn’t deserve its 5-star rating — it deserved much more. He rated Burj Al Arab as a 7-star experience, and other reviewers agreed. Interestingly, the hotel itself tried to disown the special rating, but it stuck around along with its glorious reputation.

1. It’s constructed on an artificial island.

The private bridge connects Burj Al Arab to the land, which only the hotel staff and guests have access to. The building itself is more than 1,000 feet (300 m) tall — which is even higher than the Eiffel Tower — and consists of 56 floors. 230 concrete columns support the whole structure that extends 130 feet (40 m) below sea level to keep the manmade island afloat.

The building itself has the shape of a ship’s sail. But aside from aesthetic reasons, it was designed so the shadow wouldn’t obstruct beach-goers below who are still able to receive a healthy dose of UV rays. Every detail has been thought of!

2. The transfer to the hotel is either by car or private helicopter.

The Burj Al Arab provides you with 2 types of transportation to reach the hotel. If you chose a ride, you’ll be met at the airport with a white Rolls Royce, complete with a personal chauffeur. In fact, Burj Al Arab is the only hotel with its own fleet of Rolls Royce vehicles. Otherwise, you can opt for the private helicopter that will deliver you to the special helipad located on the hotel’s roof.

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