Celebrities and famous people are one of the most interesting things for people to gossip about. Of course, during the gossip, people love to point out if they have met someone famous and what was it like. But many would feel humbled if they looked at Rob Bierman’s photo collection of him being with the stars of Hollywood and many others. Heck, even some celebrities would envy the list of VIPs he has met.

Looking at the collection, you’ll probably wonder how this kid manages to do it. Surely, it couldn’t be that he or his parents have insane persuasion skills. Some joke that Rob’s dad must be a president, or his mom could be an A-list celebrity. But if you thought that these photos are the only ones, well, think again, and take a look at the first iteration of his collection.

Just how many celebrities he’s been photographed with, exactly? We don’t know the number for sure, but Rob proudly states on his Instagram: “I have been photographed with more celebrities than any other person in the World.” While it’s definitely hard to confirm or deny this, Rob definitely makes such an impression.


Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen


Judging by how many celebrities he’s been seen with, you’d think that Rob was the celebrity, not the other way around. The celebrity list is quite staggering, he’s been seen even with the likes of most famous athletes, musicians and actors, even presidents and governors. There are even a few people from scientific communities, like that of NASA, and even some more obscure names that did a lot of great things, but aren’t as well known as some A-list celebrities.

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