A study has found that extended breastfeeding can lead to a higher IQ and income later in life. And given that nursing is one of the earliest and strongest bonds that a mother can establish with her newborn, many women choose to continue even after a few years of giving birth. After all, the skin-to-skin contact can be very reassuring for the toddler and a tangible reminder that they are being nurtured and loved.

Mayim Bialik

The actress and author has 2 boys. She revealed that she nursed her younger son, Fred, for 4 years and 3 months. She noted, ’’I loved nursing Fred. And Fred loved and needed nursing. It was the best nutrition, nurturing, and bonding ever.’’

Bialik was also honest about the challenges that come with nursing, admitting that it ’’was never not painful, and I battled thrush numerous times.’’

Thandiwe Newton

The actress, who has 3 children, continues nursing her youngest 2-year-old. She described it as ’’perfect happiness’’ and added, ’’This is what my body is made for.’’

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