England has numerous attractions that stretch from Victorian buildings to modern architectural marvels in London and from the cliff-edged coast in Sussex to the Lake District in Cumbria. Whether you are into magnificent architecture, world-renowned museums, or breathtaking nature, England has a lot to offer both first-time and seasoned travelers.

Together with Depositphotos, an international content marketplace, we’ve picked the very best sights to see when in England. Explore the country with our mini-guide and get inspired by the authentic imagery. Keep on reading to discover more.

Big Ben

At the top of most lists of things to see in London are — The Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower, commonly known as Big Ben. Until 2012, Elizabeth Tower was called the Clock Tower, but it was renamed in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, the only monarch who’s celebrated the Diamond Jubilee.

Tower Bridge

Another spectacular must-see site is Tower Bridge. It offers stunning panoramic views, as well as a one-of-a-kind experience of watching London life through a glass floor, 42 meters above the Thames.

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