Art truly has a purpose. Clever architects and artists behind world-famous landmarks have created marvelous masterpieces aside from the landmarks themselves. They created Easter eggs and hid them in plain sight. Maybe keeping us guessing their ultimate goal, or perhaps they built them for us to find out eventually.

1. Secret chambers inside the Sphinx

Little do we know, the Sphinx is more than just a large monument in the middle of the desert. Experts say that it also houses very elaborate tunnels and chambers found just inside the block of the Sphinx’s side, leading down to the bottom of the structure.

2. A concealed street under the Charing Cross Road

Charing Cross was not how it used to be! The popular crossroad was built over an old street known as Little Compton. Remnants of the street can be seen as a utility tunnel covered with grills and railings along the bustling road where it used to be run through the city.

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