Bathroom traditions in foreign countries can differ, like when you come to Korea, for example, some things might amaze or shock you. Even the way some people wash their hands can be unusual and instead of a dispenser, you may see a weird device with soap in public toilets.

1. You can find special soap in public toilets in Korea.

We’ve already gotten used to seeing soap dispensers in public toilets, but people who have traveled to Korea saw one thing that is unique there. Bloggers notice that you are in general lucky to find soap in a bathroom, but mostly it’s a bar of soap that is attached to a pole and you need to rub it to be able to clean your hands.

2. Public toilets in Japan might have an emergency button.

Some public toilets in Japan have a very useful feature — an emergency button. Sometimes foreigners confuse it with a flush button. It sends an alarm to security to check on the stall. It’s an especially good device for the elder population who may need some help.

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