When you think about India, the first sites that come to mind probably are the Taj Mahal or the Himalayan mountains. But the country is more than these things. Not many people know that you can experience unique things here, like dining with the dead, walking into the past by visiting shelters where people from prehistoric times left their prints, and even playing “hide and seek” with a supernatural beach.

1. A museum of toilets

Tired of history and art museums? Visit the international museum of toilets! Sulabh International Museum has a rare and impressive collection of facts, pictures, and objects detailing the historic evolution of toilets from 2500 BCE to date. Here, you may find a toilet disguised as a bookcase and even a replica of a “toilet throne” of King Louis XIV. In 2014, Time magazine even included the museum on their list of the 10 weirdest museums in the world.

2. A floating church

Among other churches present in India, there is one that is referred to as the “floating” one. The abandoned Shettihalli Rosary Church is called a “floating church” due to the fact that during monsoon season, its remains are submerged in water. During the peak rainy season, you can see only one-third of the chapel, and the rest of the building stays underwater.

3. A haunted fort

One of the most haunted sites in India is the Bhangarh fort that was built in the seventeenth century. According to local legends, the place was abandoned by people because of its curse.

In one version, the fort was cursed by a magician who fell in love with a princess living there but was rejected. And in another version, it was cursed by a local ascetic who was angry with the fact that the fort put a shadow on his house. True or not, because of these stories, visitors are not allowed to come to the fort after sunset.

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